Dec 12, 2022

3 Options if Your Ex-Spouse Refuses To Pay Child Support

Marriages sometimes end in divorce. It’s good to regain independence, but sometimes, things don’t work as you want. A common situation many find themselves in after a divorce is their ex-spouse refusing to pay for child support, leaving you to foot the bill. Continue reading to learn about three different options you can pursue if your ex-spouse refuses to pay child support.This option may seem a little too simple, but following the principles of Occam’s razor, it could potentially be the correction solution. It may be difficult reaching out to your ex-spouse to try and resolve these issues, but it could save both of you from going down the legal route.Reaching out is a great way to start the conversation and learn why they’re not sending child support. They could be vindictive, or there could be outside circumstances influencing their financial situation. It’s important to start a conversation to find a way forward together. However, you should pursue other options if you can’t come to a fair agreement, and they still can’t or won’t pay.If you and your ex-spouse can’t reach a solid agreement, then you may be forced to pursue legal action. Unfortunately, you can’t immediately go to the courts. You must wait about six months before going to court to enforce the child support stipulation. After that period, you can go to court, and there are multiple options they can use to get you the support you require. If your ex-spouse isn’t going to pay willingly, then the court can:Some of these options are more extreme than others, so you must go to the courts after trying to work it out with your ex-spouse. The two of you can potentially find a temporary solution that works, but if you can’t, you thankfully have legal recourse to fall back on.Those were some more harsh options that you and the court can pursue to get the child support payments you need. However, another option is lighter in severity but still gets you the money you are owed. Your attorney can work with the judge and your ex-spouse to create a repayment schedule so they can catch up on the money owed. You may not get the money as the court laid it out in your original divorce and child support agreement, but you will eventually get the compensation that you’re entitled to.Instead of trying to make do without your ex-spouse’s child support, pursue these three options and get the compensation you and your child need! If you need help pursuing these options, don’t hesitate to contact us at Schiller DuCanto & Fleck. We are reputable child support lawyers in Chicago and can help you get the payments you are legally entitled to.

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