Jul 18, 2021

How to Talk to Your Partner About a Prenuptial Agreement

Planning a wedding and preparing for marriage is no small task. You need to book the venue, choose the caterers, pick the plates, file the paperwork, select a honeymoon destination, and secure living arrangements. With so many questions to answer before walking down the aisle, you may not want to consider: what if this doesn’t work out?The fear of broaching this possibility by discussing prenuptial agreements keeps many couples from making important arrangements for their future—not only concerning divorce, but also estate planning, debt management, business arrangements, and other aspects of a union that go beyond love and affection. Learning how to talk to your partner about a prenuptial agreement requires a bit more finesse than simply springing it upon them. Take this advice first.Timing is everything. As we mentioned above, the months just before marriage are busy ones, with so many moving parts to coordinate. Don’t add to the stress by discussing something that many people consider a presumption of failure. Instead, try to put together an agreement earlier in the engagement, well before the wedding day.You don’t even have to frame a prenup as a failsafe against divorce. Financial planning is as much a part of any marriage as anything else, and a prenuptial agreement can cover some of these plans. Deciding how to handle incoming debt as well as debt that accrues during marriage can be useful, along with determining what retirement plans will look like.Additionally, prenuptial agreements can protect against divorce rather than presuppose it. You may want to add a requirement for marriage counseling before divorce proceedings can begin. This wouldn’t be possible without a prenup—something to mention as you plan for a life together.Sometimes, the right moment to discuss a prenuptial agreement never arises. Whether it’s a whirlwind romance or not, you may find yourself saying “I do” before signing an agreement. That’s okay. If you’ve considered how to talk to your partner about a prenuptial agreement but never did, you may wish to consider a postnuptial agreement instead. It’s a very similar document. The firm of Schiller DuCanto & Fleck can help you secure a postnuptial agreement in Illinois if time ran out on signing a prenup.

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