Sep 27, 2023

Jacqueline Stephens Breisch Named One Of Law Bulletin Media’s 2023 “40 Under Forty Illinois Attorneys To Watch"

Schiller DuCanto & Fleck is delighted to announce that partner Jacqueline Stephens Breisch has been honored as a 2023 '40 Under Forty Illinois Attorney to Watch' by Law Bulletin Media. Recipients of this esteemed accolade are chosen based on their intellect, dedication, community engagement, and a resolute commitment to excel in their respective fields. This year, Jacqueline stood out among more than 1,600 nominees from across the state of Illinois.Jacqueline has garnered praise from her peers for her prowess as a negotiator and litigator, her rapid grasp of intricate financial matters, her unwavering advocacy for her clients and their children, and her innovative legal acumen. Equipped with these skills, it comes as no surprise that Jacqueline has become a sought-after legal counsel for cases involving exceptionally complex financial affairs, custody disputes, and challenges related to maintenance and property division.Colleagues of Jacqueline affirm that she quickly earns the trust of her clients and establishes a strong rapport with them. This ability enables her to formulate customized legal strategies that serve her clients' best interests. Simultaneously, Jacqueline has cultivated positive relationships with judges and her fellow legal professionals, further enhancing her effectiveness as an advocate for her clients.In addition to her legal practice, Jacqueline dedicates her time to serve her profession. She has served as a Lake County Child Representative and Guardian ad Litem, advocating for the welfare of children and their families. She has also held the role of managing editor at the Illinois Divorce Digest. As a mother of two young children herself, Jacqueline is deeply committed to safeguarding the well-being of children entangled in acrimonious divorce proceedings.Here is what a few of Jacqueline’s nominators had to say:"Jacqueline understands that each case is unique and adjusts her approach based on the needs of her client," said Jenna Wadulak with Wheaton, Illinois-based Huck Bouma. "Her empathetic, transparent and open communication style enables her to establish trust quickly and help clients make informed decisions. She is calm under pressure and handles high-conflict custody issues, division of assets and complex financial cases with ease.""She has a remarkable ability to navigate complex financial matters, custody disputes, maintenance issues and property division with finesse and expertise," said retired Chicago attorney Maol Murray Sloan. "Jacqueline is a strong client advocate who efficiently navigates the complexities of each case. She possesses a remarkable ability to craft creative solutions that align with her clients' goals, ensuring their best interests are met.""Family law is incredibly difficult," said Caroline Hecht, an attorney with Chicago's Buckley Fine, LLC. "Not only is it important to have a mastery of the law, but a family law attorney must also be able to handle the human element of the practice, which is high-conflict, high-emotion. Jacqueline excels in both of these areas. She is calm under pressure and helps guide clients through one of the most difficult times in their lives toward a solution that improves their family's circumstances for the long term.”

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