Oct 04, 2010

Practical Tips For Divorced Parents: Traveling With Children

Traveling with children is a rewarding, although often stressful, endeavor. In today’s highly mobilesociety, families are scattered across the country, and interstate and international airline travel continues to increase in frequency for the ordinary family.Over the past decade, increased security and airline industry constrictions have made the logistics of travel increasingly difficult for everyone, from the first class jet setter to the mom and dad who load their kids into coach class for a trip to visit the grandparents in Florida. For divorced parents, the added wrinkle of legal and practical constraints placed upon them by their Divorce Judgment only adds to the headaches. Yet there are a few simple tips that every divorced parent can keep in mind in order to make sure the trips run smoothly and no one is sent home from the airport or the border at the last minute:With advance preparation and proper documentation, parents can eliminate one potential headache from the travel itinerary. After that, the only thing left is to figure out how to entertain the kids during the three hour delay while you sit on the runway.

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