Jan 31, 2020

What Can Child Support Be Used For

Everybody knows that going through a dissolution of marriage is difficult, emotional, and stressful. However, once your children are in the mix, they make the process that much more important and emotional. However, once you reach a divorce settlement, you likely agreed on child support as well, but what can child support be used for? Continue reading to learn more.First and foremost, child support must be used for providing basic needs to the child. Think about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs—the base of Maslow’s pyramid is physiological and safety needs. In other words, the child deserves food, water, clothing, and shelter. Additionally, since child support amounts are significantly based on each parent’s income, and the basic necessities could be shifted accordingly. In other words, if a child grew up in a wealthy family, their definition of necessities is widely different than the average child. That said, the child’s standard of living shouldn’t change due to a divorce.As the primary parent, you’re expected to provide medical coverage to your child using child support and your personal funds if necessary. Medical coverage can include insurance, annual visits, semi-annual visits, emergency care, and so on. Additionally, if your child has specific medical needs such as eyeglasses, medications, therapy, and so on, using child support is permitted for such uses.If you have younger children, your funds from child support can help you with any school fees, school supplies, and so on. Additionally, you can use child support to help with college expenses if your children are older. This includes tuition, transportation, supplies such as computers, and so on. Similarly, if you always had your children in private schools, you’ll likely be required to maintain that expectation for your child.In general, child support is there to help you maintain the child’s standard of living and wellbeing. Much of the child’s needs and expectations are developed based on the lifestyle you and your ex-spouse led. However, child support can be used for more than the factors mentioned above. For more details, you should consult with an attorney.Here at SDF Law, we have some of the best child support lawyers in Illinois. Between their expertise, experience, and empathy, our team is more than capable to help you navigate through the process and answer any child support questions. Contact us today—our team will be happy to help.

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